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Cypher Cloud Systems is a fully integrated cloud-based Hotel Management System & ERP that can increase your hospitality business & reduce costs & inefficiency.

What makes Cypher Cloud Systems unique & different?

• Extremely easy to use
• Low cost & Value for Money
• In One System with all Modules
• Developed by hotel owners
• Best in class Dynamic Pricing & RMS system

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Why is Cypher Cloud Systems unique & different from other Hotel Systems?

Aiosell Other Systems

PMS, RMS, CM, POS, Reviews, Competition, Analytics, Booking Engine combined into one

Fully automated - minimum manual work

Separate Systems for each functionality

Most tasks done manually

Results (%) Transparency Integration Analytics & Reporting

Dynamic Pricing using real-time factors

Directly increase revenues by 30%

Automation is configurable based on rules

Integrates with all major OTAs

Advanced Analytics & Reporting

Rates changed manually

Do not directly increase revenues

Analytics based on on opaque data modelling

Minimum interoperability

Not readable, intuitive, and integrated

OTA Management Price Multi-property & CRS part of design

Automated OTA Content, Commissions & rate parity

Affordable (fixed & variable pricing options)

Multi-property management is painful

OTA Management done manually

Expensive & inflexible

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